One Year and Counting

One Year and Counting

Today is my 1-year anniversary at [redacted]. It’s funny — after living in New York City for six and a half years, I’m actually doing what I set out to do. I’m actually living the dream.

Of course, it’s playing out much differently than I’d originally envisioned. When I first settled down in Brooklyn in October 2007, I’d planned on leaving the party life behind and concentrating on writing. But I set my standards low. I hoped to one day write for Vibe or XXL or The Source, or maybe for the then-exciting Gawker.

However, life did what it tends to do, and nothing went exactly as planned. Thank God for that.

I am an editor — an bona fide, honest-to-God, according-to-Hoyle editor — at a major print publication. In anera of page hits and viral views, that is a definite rarity.

But not only am I to ensure that pieces are grammatically sound, I also sometimes lay them out on the page. Y’know, make them look pretty. And at times I even get to play photo editor, choosing the pictures and illustrations that further enhance the stories.

I work odd hours now and I haven’t been as social lately. But the truth is, I love what I’m doing. I love the position I’m in. I love the path I’m on.

The past year has been one of growth and revelation. I’m very appreciative of all that’s taken place. Now, it’s time to celebrate.

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